Affiliate marketing for beginners 2019

Affiliate marketing for beginners 2019

Our affiliate marketing for beginners – The ultimate guide shows you how to find the best products to promote, analyze performance, and earn good commision.

Ok, so let’s start the journey of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing for beginners

The Affiliate marketing is the process of recommending other people’s Brand or a product to your targeting audience and you get some commission when any customer buy a product from your affiliate link.

So in simple words, if any reader buys product or service through your link you will get some percentage of commission from the sale.

The Stages of Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate marketing for beginners is basically working on two different things

  1. The Merchant or advertiser
  2. The affiliate or publisher

Merchant: also known as the owner of any product, seller, and brand who wants to increase their revenue and sell their products or services. For example Amazon, Flipkart, GoDaddy, Bluehost or any hosting company.

The publisher: like you and me we all are affiliate marketers who promote any products or services to our site and get some commission from the sale.

Ok let’s understand the whole process of affiliate marketing if any person wants to buy something online and he comes to your site and you have some affiliate promotion links on your blog or website so through your affiliate links he is redirected to the merchant site and buys something.

So merchant site tracks the link from where the customer is landed and if the customer is landed from your site it’s WOW you get the commission for that sale.

Affiliate marketing process

I have broken down the process of affiliate marketing for beginners into six steps follow this guide and make your first sell and will let you in the right direction in the world of affiliate marketing.

Step:-1 Choose a niche you love

Step:2:- Find best affiliate programs

Step:3:- Build your website

Step:4:- Produce killer content

Step:5:- Build a targeting audience

Step:6:- Affiliate program promotion

Step:-1 Choose a Niche you love

Before Going for Further Steps the First Thing you will need to decide in which niche or topic you are going to write about and build your site.

Obviously, if you don’t know your targeting audience and what is your blog or website about there is no chance of success.

If you already figure out your targeting audience and decide to build the site around your audience Then Well and Good!

But if you are confused about what the niche is? DON’T WORRY I have Some Ideas for you that might be useful.

Can You Give Me answer to some question?

In which topic you are passionate about?

Choosing a niche is the first and most overwhelming part for anyone. It is easier to go with topics in which you are interested in it and you are knowledgeable about this topic. For example, if you passionate about health and fitness so it’s easy to go with health and fitness related niche.

What? Have you successfully selected your niche? Wait! My second question is on the way.

Is there profit & Money in this niche?

Following your passion is the first priority but also do some research is their money on my selected niche or not because if your selected niche doesn’t get money on your table so it increases the chances of failure.

For Example, is one of the most popular review sites and it writes a review for products. is also review site for kitchen faucets, of course, there is someone who is interesting about kitchen faucets reviews.

In which topic you can write 20, 50, 100 blog post about?

Before choose niche, it is necessary to you have enough knowledge about this topic and you are able to write 1000+ posts about your selected niche because if you select niche in which you have not enough knowledge you will be stuck with 5 to 10 posts.

Are there profitable Affiliate program available for your niche?

This is obviously the most important factor to consider before choosing a niche. If there is no affiliate programs = no money.

If there are no enough affiliate programs available for your selected niche so it’s good to look for some other topics.

How to find a profitable niche for your blog

Step:2:- Find Best Affiliate Programs

Once you’ve decided about your niche, it’s time to find best affiliate program related to your niche. I think you did little research about it but now you have to go deeper because it’s a source from where you can generate revenue. So take your time to find the best affiliate program.

Keep this points in mind while choosing a niche-

  • Commission rate
  • What type of support do they provide after your sign up?
  • Cookie duration

Step:3:- Build Your Website

I think you have already done a lot of research now it’s time to transform your research into action.

If you have not any website don’t worry it’s not a complicated task as above.

If you are a newbie in the blogging community it’s easy to set up your website with WordPress because WordPress is easy to build a Website as compare to other platform and the most important thing is there is no any technical knowledge required for setting up a WordPress site.

For setting up your website with WordPress You need to follow some simple steps.

Buy a domain name and web hosting

Domain name means the address of your site, like Google’s domain name is likewise your domain name will be

Hosting means home of your blog on the internet without web hosting you can’t use your blog. so in other words hosting is the place where all your websites live.

So, there is hundreds of web hosting company available like Godaddy, Hostgator, Dreamhost, Namecheap, wap hosting, Bluehost and many more.

But I recommended you to go with Bluehost for a domain name and web hosting.

  • Free Domain name
  • 1 click WordPress installation
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 24×7 support

Install WordPress

After purchasing a domain name and web hosting it’s time to connect your domain name and web hosting with WordPress.

Because setting up your site with WordPress is easy as compared to other platforms as well as many hosting providers give 1 click WordPress installation facility to their users.

Install theme for your blog

There is thousands theme available in WordPress so choose your free theme from WordPress at starting point go with a simple theme that is easy to customize and install, don’t worry you can change your theme later.

But if you don’t like WordPress default themes you can purchase a theme from or or

Write content

Congratulation! You have successfully created your site. So the next step is to prepare unique & quality content for your site because everyone knows that “content is the king”.

Step:4:- Produce Killer Content

This is the main and most time-consuming step To produce the quality and unique content for your site. remember one thing don’t copy content from anywhere.

Just write the content yourself, if you can not write content properly and making some grammar and spelling mistakes for that you can use Grammarly for proofreading.

What type of content should you write?

  • Product reviews
  • Problem-solving
  • Informational

The first and evergreen type of content is to write a product review for different products. But write a review for any product yourself, and be honest for your review.

The second method is to write problem-solving content for your targeted audience. And the solution of any product should be your affiliate product.

Informational content is evergreen because people like to read informational content.

Once you naturally start producing unique and quality content, the audience will come to your site automatically and also generate revenue for you.

Step:5:- Build a Targeting Audience

So now it’s time to build an audience for your newly created site or blog.

  • Social media
  • Guest posting on high traffic blogs
  • Build an email list
  • Use some basic SEO techniques
  • Paid advertisement

Social media is the easiest and most recommending method for building your targeting audience based on your niche.

For social media promotion, you can use facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, medium, Quora.

Join some high traffic groups on facebook related to your niche, and start promoting your content there. Start commenting on other people’s post it will also benefit you. But remember one thing don’t write a comment like “very nice post” and “nice writing” etc…write comment that makes sense and attracts an audience for your blog.

Find some high traffic blogs that approve guest posting so start writing guest for that blogs and attract an audience with your post. and show your expertise on a related topic. this will lead great traffic to your site.

Building an email list is a necessary step for every affiliate marketer. You can start building an email list with a lead magnet and encourage people to sign up on your email list.

Via email list, you can send your content to the audience and also directly sell your affiliate offers to them. Once you build enough trust with your audience that will definitely purchase any offer from you.

Organic search is always the important thing to drive traffic to your website. As a beginner, it is necessary to write content for your reader but also follow some basic SEO techniques and optimize your site with SEO.

Many people use paid advertisements to generate additional traffic and revenue for their site. As a beginner, you can invest in social media paid advertisements that will affordable for you. And for other option, you can use Google AdWords that will generate high traffic for your website.

Step:6:- Affiliate Program Promotion

You can promote your affiliate products in many ways:

  • Product reviews
  • Banner Ads
  • Email promotion
  • Giveaways and discounts

Product reviews

Write an honest product review for your affiliate products because customer purchases any product or service based on your opinion.

Don’t just write the positive side of a product. so give full detail about your product to the customer like specification, advantages and disadvantages, features etc…

Banner Ads

Most affiliate programs provide their affiliate products banners when you sign up for affiliate program so all you have to use this banner on your highly trafficked pages for your affiliate promotion.

Email promotion

If you have built an email list you can also promote your affiliate products via email.

Giveaways and discounts

Many affiliate programs run a promotion with discounts and giveaways that might be the source for attracting the customers to your site.

For example, Amazon associates affiliate program, if you are part of Amazon associate program and there is any big sale on Amazon that gives discounts to their customers so it will be a big opportunity for you to give a discount to your readers and generate revenue for your site.

NOTE: when promoting any affiliate offer make sure you’ve detail knowledge of their terms and conditions. Some programs can be strict about their terms and condition. For example, some affiliate program allows you to use a paid advertisement but not allow email marketing.

Final Words

I know you are stuck with what to do first. But my suggestion is to break down the whole process into simple steps. Trust me once you have made your first sell all your hard work will be worth it.

First, you have to choose your niche based on your interest and passion. after that research on that the affiliate programs and product related to your niche is available or not.

After that transform your idea into action and set up your website and start producing excellent content for your site.

Build an audience for your site and start promoting your posts and affiliate products to your audience and different platforms as mentioned above.

Do you feel overwhelmed about making that first affiliate sale? Comment your problem below we will happy to help you.