How to find a profitable niche for blogging

how to find a profitable niche

How to find a profitable niche for blogging and affiliate marketing is the most crucial part. so follow these 3 straightforward Steps and pick out the most profitable niche for your blog.

I think now you are already familiar with what is affiliate marketing? So now it’s time to find a profitable niche.

Yes, I know everyone says: find a profitable niche and all that but you are confused about what is niche? and how to find a profitable niche for blogging?

what is niche

Finding a profitable niche is the most crucial part in affiliate marketing and blogging.

In the starting phase of blogging everyone thinks that I will find a niche which is totally new to blogging and no one else writes before about it.


There is nothing new on the internet, anything you think that is already written by someone else.

Choose your niche according to the following criteria

  • High demand
  • Lots of customers or readers
  • affiliate products for sale
  • Competition
  • Social media network


Then let’s discover 3 easy steps to find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing

Step 1. Identify your interests and passions

First thing is to take a note and pen or (WordPad), make a list of random topics you are interested in it.

Write about all topics, you are interested in reading about that, you are searching again and again about that.

Make another list and write about any problem in your life like health, finance, relationships and other problem you face every day.

Make the third list, in which write about anything you are interested to learn new things about that.

Great! Now you have 3 lists of different topics. If you put 10 topics in each list you will have at least 30 new niches.

Step 2. Make sure there’s a potential to earn money from that

After preparing the list of niches, the next thing you will need to decide whatever opportunity you can pursue and your niche are able to make money or not.

It’s the key point while deciding about your niche because if your selected niche doesn’t get money on the table, so after some time you will be stuck with your blog.

One of the best ways is to do research online about what other people are doing in this niche.

And the second best way is to do research on the ClickBank to monetise your blog.

Click on the “affiliate marketplace” button from the top menu on the ClickBank and also you can find many topics available on the left side menu.

Now select the category and take a look at the result. Now the result page might be confusing for new users.

The first thing I recommend doing is sorting your results by “gravity:”

ClickBank products

To find the products which have high gravity and great average income per sale. So this is a useful way to find affiliate market niche there are products and services that people will pay money for it.

You can also find your niche by using amazon associates best-selling products.

Some other useful resources for finding trending niches

  • Stumble Upon
  • Yahoo trending
  • findaforum.Net
  • twitter trending
  • Google trends
  • eBay popular
  • Google keyword planner
  • UberSuggest

Step 3. Test your idea

You have now gathered all the information you need to choose a niche and the only thing left is to test your idea and transform your idea into action.

Think beyond just the product. You want to think about building a business, building a brand in a niche, and thinking about long-term, not just the short term.

Hopefully, these tips were able to help you. These are things that have helped me and many other people. But finding something you’re passionate, interested, have a desire for, that’s always a plus.

Those are a few tips for you. Do some brainstorming, do your research, identify that niche and market. Once you got that man, that’s the exciting part, a phase in your business to be in.

Now it’s time for selling your affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing for beginners 2019

Final words

I think you understand very well about finding a profitable niche you will need to follow just three steps to build your brand with your niche.

The first step is to identify your passion and interest. Means in which topics you are interested in.

Next step is to make sure that there is enough money on that niche or not?

And the third and most important step is to test your idea and start selling your products and make your brand successful.

If any issue regarding finding a niche you can comment below or contact me anytime.

Have a happy blogging!