How to Start a Blog and Make Money

how to start a blog

So, you want to start a blog? Welcome to the blogging community.

But confused about how to start? There are lots of information available on the internet and everyone telling you the different stories.

Ok, no problem, I had the same problem when I started blogging and that time I knew nothing about what the blogging is? But now I know a lot about them and my blog’s growth pretty well and I received many unique visitors daily.

You already know that blogging is becoming trending nowadays and everyone has a blog someone is on blogger, someone using wordpress.Com and someone on a self-hosted blog but one thing is common everyone has their presence on the internet.

If you are new to blogging this guide provide a great resource for you. I promise it will be simple and relatively easy to understand. Awesome let’s move on.

how to start a blog _ The ultimate guide for begginers2

What’s the reason to start a blog?

There are many reasons to start a blog. But if you already have an idea about why you should start a blog then skip this part and go ahead with the guide.

Blogging quickly becomes very popular for learning and sharing your knowledge. And there are millions of blogs on the internet.

It’s a great way to stand out yourself on the internet and share your knowledge with people.

And the last but not the list you can make huge money from it! (but it takes time)

That’s why I am happy to help beginners to start their own blog without having knowledge of HTML or waste your time to read long boring HTML tutorials.

How to start a blog in 5 steps

  1. Choose your blogging platform
  2. Get your domain name and web hosting
  3. Select your theme & design your blog
  4. Add post and pages
  5. Write killer content & populate your blog

Step-1: choose your blogging platform

The first step you have to take is on which platform you establish your blog. There is a lot’s of options available for blogging platform such as WordPress, tumbler, blogger and more…

But I recommended you to go with WordPress because there are 72 million active users with WordPress.

It’s free everyone can use it and update themes, and layouts.

Easy to set up

WordPress is secure so you don’t need to worry about your blog come under any cyber-attack

Customizable, there are hundreds of themes and plugins available so you can customize your blog as per your requirement

Free blogging platform vs. Self-hosted blog

You don’t control your blog

The web address of your blog doesn’t look professional it’s like (yourblog.Blogspot.Com)

Step-2: get your domain name and web hosting

Domain name: – domain name means your blog address so people can find you on the internet. For example, Google’s domain name is www.Google.Com so your domain name will be www.Yourblogname.Com

Web hosting: – hosting means home of your blog on the internet without web hosting you cannot use your blog.

There are a hundred web hosting providers available like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, Siteground etc…

But I recommended you to go with Bluehost for a domain name and web hosting.

  • Free domain
  • 1 click WordPress installation
  • 100% money back guarantee

Step-3: select your theme & design your blog

Set up with a domain name and web hosting the main part is to choose the theme for your blog. You can either choose the default WordPress theme from appearance – theme or purchase a theme from ThemeForest

Choose theme wisely because it displays the look and feels of your website or blog. So decide the theme as per your blog niche

Step-4: add post and pages

Congratulation for successfully created your blog with setting up a domain name and web hosting and theme.

So, in this section, we discuss how to write a post, and how to add images and link to the blog.

Add a new post

First, log in with your WordPress username and password. After successfully logging in you are redirected to the WordPress dashboard.

So, you can add a new post by clicking “posts” which is available on the left side menu and after that select “add new”

So, the next screen looks something like this

Add a new post

You can also save your post in the draft and publish later like below image otherwise you can find publish posts on “all post” section.

Add images & links

Click the “add media” button and choose images from your computer you want to add on your post and click “insert into post”.

Add images

Step-5: write killer content & populate your blog

After successfully set up your blog it’s time to write killer content for your blog and populate them on the internet.

So the first thing is to write quality content for your blog because everyone knows that “content is king”. When I started my blog I have made many mistakes like grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes etc. Don’t worry, you can use Grammarly.

After writing content it’s time to populate your blog everywhere like

  • Social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora)
  • Guest posting
  • Seo
  • Commenting on well-established blogs

2 things to do after creating your blog

  1. Create about us page because it describes you
  2. Contact us page so everyone can contact you


Ok, here we start from the first, choose your blogging platform like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc… After that, you have to decide on your domain name and web hosting. Then design your blog as per your requirement either you can use free WordPress theme or you can purchase it from ThemeForest. Now it’s time to write some great articles for your blog and apply some SEO techniques and populate your blog everywhere in social media.