Top 7 Best YouTube Channels For Photoshop Tutorial in 2019

Youtube channels for photoshop tutorials

Top 7 Best YouTube Channels For Photoshop Tutorial in 2019 – Your Source for the best photoshop tutorials youtube channels.

Photoshop is the everyone’s favourite tool from the decades because with the Photoshop tutorials you can generate any kind of graphics whether it can be graphic design, UI Design, photo editing even animations.

It is really important to know the basics of Photoshop if you are from IT background. To learn Photoshop is not a big deal you just need some time to learn it.

In this post, we discuss the great YouTube channels to learn Photoshop tutorial in 2019. These YouTube channels help both kind of people beginners as well as advanced level designers.

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859k Subscribers
45 Million Total Views

Phlearn YouTube channel

The biggest channel on this listing, and for appropriate motive. Phlearn is a photography and Photoshop instructional aid introduced to you by Aaron Nace.

In contrast to most of the channels on this listing, there’s an actual group and studio in the back of Phlearn and that is visible in the quality of their content material.

This channel is great for Photoshop basic tutorials, as well as more Photoshop editing and posts new tutorials about once or twice a week.


122k Subscribers
8 Million Total Views

Testytuts YouTube Channel

Tasty Tuts is a channel introduced to you by London based designer Gareth David, and is an outstanding useful resource of well narrated popular Photoshop effects, in addition to some awesome topic based playlist courses, including a current 45 episode course on the basis of a graphic layout!

Howard Pinsky (aka IceFlowStudios)

377k Subscribers
62.5 Million Total Views

HowardPinsky YouTube Channel

One of the Creator of Photoshop educational channels on YouTube, IceflowStudios, now certainly Howard Pinksy has been making an academic design-based content material since 2006!

Howard’s tutorials are crisply narrated and his channel is definitely a first-rate useful resource on both Photoshop and different adobe related software program which includes Lightroom.

300k subscribers
11.5 Million Total Views

photoshoptutorials YouTube Channel

This channel isn’t the same as a number of the channels in this list because it does not include voiceover training.

however, not like most other screencasts on YouTube that lack vocal instruction, the motion pictures are still properly edited, set to clean textual content caption instructions instead and simple background music.

A nice alternate of pace that makes this channel one check out.


340k Subscribers
31.4 Million Total Views

bluelighting YouTube Channel

This channel focuses on what I might describe as very carefully and slowly defined tutorials on a selection of well-known results. Superb for beginners or someone who appreciates smooth to observe narration.

PhotoshopTrainingChannel (PTC)

155k Subscribers
5.3 Million Total View

Photoshop training channel

This channel is a good resource of simple, truly defined screencasts. Containing tutorials on more than a few standard Photoshop effects, these tutorials are to the point and clear-cut!

Adobe Photoshop

*295k Subscribers*
*16.1 Million Total Views*

Adobe Photoshop Youtube Channel

No longer is tons to be said here, but this Adobe’s authentic YouTube channel for Photoshop. A great area to get information on new functions, and updates on all Photoshop related Apps first.


  1. So timely as I am learning my way around Photoshop lately. Trying to design my own graphics and make some money out of it someday. Thank you for your recommendations!