What are the best Android multiplayer games?

What are the best Android multiplayer games

Best Android multiplayer games. Some of the best games for Android also offer outstanding multiplayer experiences. These are our top picks!

There is still little, to play a videogame, it was necessary to have a computer or a home console. But the arrival of smartphones and increased power has opened up new possibilities. This is how games and especially Android multiplayer games have appeared.

Of course, as with any application on thePlay Store, there are many possibilities. We strive to present you our bestselection, to clean your Android cache, block advertisements or to listen to your music.

Best Android multiplayer shooting games

A large number of shooting games did not facilitate the task and it was difficult to determine a single game. Therefore, there are two games that are offered to you in the selection:

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

This is probably one of the most popular shooting games of Android. And to be completely honest, Modern Combat 5 deserves this title. With high-flying graphics and a very nice gameplay, this game is a real success.

At the level of the use, one finds classic commands. To move, just use the left thumb at the bottom of the screen, while with the other hand; we control the view, but also the shot. Although it may surprise, it has become a standard in shooting games, your character’s life regenerates automatically.

You can face your friends (and enemies) in FFA, CTF and many modes available. Modern Combat 5: Blackout is available for free on the Play Store:

Modern Combat Versus

This is the last fighting game launched by Gameloft a year ago. Here, no single player mode, the gaming experience is exclusively based on multiplayer. You will be facing your opponents in 4-on-4 battles. All is competition and you will have to hang on.

The principle is simple; you will play one of the twelve elite agents. Each has a weapon, specific skills and a category of its own. Thanks to these complementarities, you will then have to defend and conquer zones, while maintaining team cohesion.

You can download Modern Combat Versus on the Play Store by clicking below:

Real Racing 3

In just a few years, the game developed by Electronic Arts has become a real reference in the field. Real Racing 3, you will understand, is a race racing game. And when we launch the game, we are immediately caught in the realism of graphics, cars, and circuits. Here, the circuits have been reproduced to perfection and we could dream of being a true pilot.

For your race, nothing is easier, just tilting your smartphone to the right or left, to control your trajectory. As and when racing, you will evolve and can decorate your garage of new cars. This will allow you to access new tours and new races around the world.

Find Real Racing 3 on the Play Store:

Duel Quiz

This is another area, certainly, but that will delight many. The goal of course here is to display one’s general culture and confronts it with other adversaries.

As the name suggests, this is a duel. You will not be present around an opponent’s parterre but only confronted with a person. Two different modes are available to beat it:

  • Classic: three questions over several rounds
  • Strategic: like the classic mode, but to which we add jokers

If you want to perfect your knowledge, while adding a little competition, this game will be perfect for you. Duel Quiz is available on the Play Store:

Sea Battle 2

Is it still necessary the principle of the naval battle? Who did not play this universal game, via a simple grid sheet and a pencil? And besides, the developer of this game has not forgotten, since the graphics reflect this state of mind. We end up with a game way very “schoolboy”.

Again, the principle is very simple and does not change the original. You have to put your ships on a sheet, while your opponent does the same. Then all you have to do is find the opponent’s ships while keeping yours intact.

In multiplayer mode, you have two options. Either it is possible to play on the same smartphone. Either his device, via a Bluetooth connection or via the Internet.

You can download Sea Battle 2 from the Play Store:

Clash of clans

How not to talk about Clash of Clans, again, become a reference in mobile games. Even if the game is not to present, quickly recall the principle. You are a village lord and your role is to make it evolve. For this, you will have to loot your enemies to recover resources. But it also works the other way and you will have to prepare for the resistance.

All the game design is based on multiplayer and strategy. Your only goal will be to survive and win your battles to evolve in this universe. It’s up to you!

Clash of Clans is available on the Play Store:

Dungeon Hunter 5

With this fifth opus, Gameloft plunges us once again into the fantasy world. And do not worry, no need to have necessarily completed previous editions to immerse you in this universe.

In terms of gameplay, we find the same controls as in Modern Combat 5. For this, you control your movements with your left thumb. A slightly darker area is present in the lower corner to capture the arrows.

For Guild Wars fans, you’ll find some similarities. But above all, Dungeon Hunter 5 is thought for multiplayer. And if you are not numerous enough, characters managed by artificial intelligence can be automatically added.

You can download Dungeon Hunter 5 on the Play Store:

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheel is a new version on America’s No.1 game show, we offer. More fun and easy to play than ever!

We will turn your Android device to something fun with Happy Wheel – Wheel of Fortune. To feel lucky?

Test your knowledge and train your brain with this free and addictive and fun quiz game. Complete the word and fill in the blanks by turning the wheel.

Happy Wheels Apk is a free, addictive and fun quiz game that uses words and phrases. Turning the wheel will determine how much you can do for each successful letter. But ifluck is not on your side, you risk losing a turn, your coins or even going bankrupt depending on where the wheel gets stuck.

Complete the word and fill in the blanks by spinning the wheel and you win a fortune of virtual coins.

Many categories like; proverb, singer and song, objects, movies and actors, books and writers

And playable for all ages!

Happy Wheel – Wheel of Fortune is a fun word game that is easy to pick up, hard to master, and impossible to put down! Only one player! (For now, we’ll be adding multiplayer online and chatting with other players soon)